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Ija means mother in Kumaoni . Ija remains the word on the mother’s tongue for her daughter otherwise christened as Garima by her father .

In her journey so far she has come to be a qualified teacher /educator and a learning facilitator . Her interests, qualification combined with experience allows her to facilitate learning for adult and children . In service to education, at Ija, she expands a space for others where one could come and expand their own being via the holistic Ija sessions.

About Section


Learning doesnt stop after school, furthermore real learning happens after school when we experience life in a more wholesome manner ; learning with the world around us. School gets us ready, having filled us with knowledge that is to come to application in order to survive. 

More often than that we find our being struggling with the very existence of life though we have been intelligent with all the knowledge.  We have put that knowledge to attain safety and a certain degree of living  but living after having all such  securities well defended, life still seems to be a long lone journey of monotony and mere being. Lertargy, boredom and sensory addiction are perhaps having the better of us. 

The vision of ija is to curate spaces and experiences for lifelong learning for individuals who are seeking something beyond safety in life. Individuals who want to dive deep into the pursuits of love, peace, freedom and bliss and seeking spaces where they can be an individual again.


At IJA, we do not wish to get you into action by asking you to do new practices, we invest our belief in the depth of nothingness too, thus we wish to begin with the beauty of rest in our lives. 
Sit in belief, walk in joy, sleep tenderly  yet deeply and let the living be a curious experiment. Simply talk to us, talk to me.


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Art of Leisure

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The art of leisure is an artistic approach to emancipatory education towards lifelong learning. In the Greek language, leisure is called "SCHOLE." The English word "school" comes from this Greek word, which means leisure. One can only learn something when one is at leisure. "Learning happens in leisure."

The art of leisure focuses on curating and providing leisure experiences to adults and children (mini-adults) so that through experiencing leisure, awareness of the individual increases towards leisure in this fast and modern world. Only by being aware of one’s leisure can one understand the importance and beauty of leisure in one’s life, and from there, a lifelong journey of aware learning begins. The art of leisure is a skill-oriented course. If you are an individual who wants to dive deep into the pursuits of love, peace, bliss, and freedom, you can really evolve your experience by learning the attitude and skillset necessary to truly experience the sublime pursuit of life. LEARN. EVOLVE. LEARN. Repeat.

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