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Leisure for adults with lifestyle disease or crisis

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Lifestyle Diseases

This course is especially curated and designed for individuals whose lives are getting heavily impacted by any lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory ailments, heart disease, endometriosis, PCOD, COPD, and many more. Stress, anxiety, and trauma are taking an emphatic place in your life, and life seems to be a dull, boring, and sad rut, which is becoming more unbearable day by day because of the physical, psychosocial, and emotional impact of these diseases on your being. At IJA, we provide you with knowledge, skills, and attitudes focused on your holistic health, alongside curating leisure experiences for you to experience love, peace, bliss, and freedom all over again. So while experiencing appropriate leisure, an individual becomes available for lifelong learning and development once again despite having challenges such as lifestyle disease.

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“Crisis is a stage of feeling, an internal experience of confusion and anxiety to the degree that formerly successful coping mechanisms fail us, and ineffective decisions and behavior take place. As a result, the person in crisis may feel confused, vulnerable, anxious, afraid, angry, guilty, hopeless, and helpless.”

If you resonate with this feeling of crisis and are experiencing the hell of it with helplessness, here at IJA, you are heard and cared for. In difficult times, often an individual freezes or mostly deals with it by drowning in escapism, seeking refuge in alcohol, mindless friend groups, or other forms of drugs. Don't let crisis cease your being and stop you from evolving. Don't let crisis cease your growth and learning. Evolve as a stronger individual through this crisis. This specialized course is for you to begin your learning, your journey to evolve yourself through the crisis. Learn those skills and attitudes necessary for you and evolve.

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