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Art of leisure is an artistic approach for an emancipatory education towards lifelong learning. 
In the greek language, leisure is called SCHOLE . The english word school comes from this Greek work Schole which means leisure . One can learn something only when one is at leisure . 
“ learning happens in leisure “ 

Art of leisure focuses on curating and giving leisure experienced to the adults and mini adults ( children) so that in that experiencing of leisure , awarness of the individual increases towards leisure in this fast and modern world .


Only by being aware towards one’s leisure , one can understand the importance and beauty of leisure in one’s life  and from there a lifelong journey of aware learning begins.

Art of leisure is a skill oriented course . If you are an individual  who wants to dive deep into the pursuits of love , peace , bliss and freedom . you can really evolve your experience by learning attitude and skillset  neccessary to really experience the sublime pursuit of life . 


Asset 305_3x.png
Asset 305_3x.png
Asset 305_3x.png
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