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Leisure for parents

Parenting is a lifelong process. The experience of parenting is emphatically spiritual and intense in itself. All of a sudden, you are responsible for another life. For smaller things in life like driving a car, opening a shop, or for a job, we need a certain license, qualification, or rigorous practice and learning. But in the matter of our children, our ego asks us to take it for granted. Every single time one is forced to accept and is denied the facility of questioning, one must understand that a bigger problem lies underneath, pointing towards the fact that by birth, we are taught to never question any action of our parents, whatever it may be, and surrender to parental authority. This is nothing but politics and the dominance of the more powerful over the less powerful. This dominance creates an ego in the parent telling them that they already know everything about parenting, just like their parent did, whereas the reality remains the same. How does just giving birth to a child make you a parent? How does becoming a parent tell you about a child’s psychology? With limited knowledge gained from our elders, we operate on our child, which doesn't create any solution, and your child faces the same problems of misunderstanding, and the bondage remains limited with you. One can shout a thousand times or request their child to be more friendly with them, but without understanding the child’s being, the friendship never blooms. So please drop your ego, for once try to learn even at this phase of life, skills important for you and your child. The art of leisure for Parents is a dynamic skill-oriented course especially curated for adults who are either experiencing parenting or about to experience parenting. The experience of parenting is spiritually demanding and intense in itself that while channelizing and evolving with this experience constantly, the parents often forget that they are children as well and neglect their own psycho-emotional needs. However, here at IJA, we take care of the parent and child too. Simply talk to us.

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