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Leisure for teenagers

Let the young adult get in touch with leisure and taste nothingness. Everything around the individual is teaching him/her to work, earn, study or simply to do something productive. At this phase of life, students are burdened with studies, school, tuition so that they will be able to survive independently in the world outside, however, there’s a world inside all of us which remains untouched in the work-oriented world. Hence, despite having everything after a certain point in time, the same spiritual problems arise in the individual like stress, anxiety, crisis, and much more. It is crucial in teenage or young adult education to incorporate leisure education. By making the teenage or young adult aware of his leisure time and equipping him with concerned knowledge, skills, and attitude before entering the outside world or before adulthood can really help the individual in maintaining his holistic health while experiencing the lifelong journey in peace and bliss.

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