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Leisure for Elderly Adults

Late adulthood is the time you are over from the daily acts of life; it is an absolute time to get into the inner self and close the eye to the outside world and the mundane thought of changing or impacting the people around us. You are about to experience a beautiful phenomenon of being a human, “DEATH”. Instead of dying with a sense of not having lived, it is again the absolute time to live the rest of the days in complete bliss and peace that satisfy the lifelong hunger “to live” and embrace death peacefully upfront. During this phase of late adulthood, the individual must evolve beautifully and holistically with the evolving phase of life. Let this new phase of life be full of leisure in pursuit of love, peace, bliss, and freedom. Activities in this specialized course at IJA are focused and tailored according to the need of an adult who is about to experience or is experiencing the effects of late adulthood.

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